Thursday, April 24, 2014

Maaatt Daaamon

Maaatt Daaamon is a reference to the cult hit movie 'Team America'.

In the movie, Matt Damon's puppet character keeps repeating his name over and over again, throughout the whole movie.

According to an AMA interview on Reddit, Matt Damon had this to say when asked "What did you think of Matt Stone and Trey Parkers portrayal of you in Team America World Police?"

"I thought it was brilliant! I mean, I never understood it, and then I heard an interview with them and they said the puppet came in looking kind of mentally deficient and they didn’t have time to change it, so they just made me someone who could really only say his own name. All the comedy they’re doing is really next-level stuff. Also, I liked being included as a person who was against the Iraq war."

Monday, April 21, 2014

New on the scene: Socially Squeamish Seal

Socially Squeamish Seal or Awkward Moment Seal is a new meme that's quickly climbing to fame. Very similar to Socially Awkward Penguin, this meme is used to depict those awkward situations you find yourself in.

So what's the difference between Awkward Moment Seal and Socially Awkward Penguin? Well generally, the penguin is used for situations where you cause the awkwardness. The seal is used for uncomfortable scenarios where someone else causes the awkwardness.

The cute seal pup pic is fast gaining popularity, with the meme leaving us nodding our heads and saying - yip, I've been there...


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tough love baby - or the baby on the phone

I've got one more baby meme for you...

Tough love baby features a picture of a toddler talking on the phone while casually leaning against a window.

The meme shows the baby talking to his 'girlfriend', trying to diffuse a tricky situation.

Baby Mugging

Ilana Wiles, the owner of the blog 'Mommy Shorts' began the craze of 'baby mugging'. She posted a forced-perspective shot of her daughter and a coffe mug, so it looked like her daughter was in the cup. She initially posted it on Instagram, and then on the Mommy Shorts blog.

The image took off and soon hundreds of people from around the world were putting babies, toddlers, pets and adults in mugs, using the hashtag #babeinamug or #babymugging.

Many people have jumped on board, posting pics, sharing ideas and giving tips on how to get the best baby mugging photos. The photo fad even made it onto Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Drunk baby

Yet another 'baby' image macros meme!

This meme started on Reddit when someone posted a picture of a baby girl sitting next to a pint of beer with the title 'she tells the worst jokes'. Within a few hours, the first image macros had appeared.

This isn't the first meme to feature a drunk baby - but this one seems to have taken off more than any other image.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Success kid

Success kid (also known as 'victory baby' and 'I hate sandcastles') is another baby image macros meme.

It features a baby fistpumping the air with a smug facial expression on his face.

The original image was taken by Laney Griner of her 11-month-old son Sammy, way back in 2007 - and it's still doing it's rounds on the internet today.

Some of the earliest versions of this photo to appear on the internet included a version with a Photoshopped background of a boy standing next to a broken sandcastle, crying. The title 'I hate sandcastles' was also added.

Since then, the meme has been used to depict situations where things turn out better than expected. It's sometimes used with a blue 'advice animals' background and sometimes with the beach background.



Success kid has even been featured in a Virgin advertising campaign.

Five years later, 'success kid' is going on for 5 years old.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Skeptical Baby

Skeptical baby is an image macros meme (in other words, a meme that uses a picture with funny text superimposed on top) that started on Reddit.

When father and photographer, Jarod Knoten, uploaded this picture of his son and himself to Reddit he had no idea his little boy would become 'internet famous'. Redditors soon got hold of the quirky picture and added 'skeptical baby' captions - most of which began with something along the lines of 'you mean to tell me that...'

This meme normally highlights the innocence of young babies, and some of the 'harsh realities of life' they will soon discover.

Want to create your own Skeptical Baby image? You can do so here.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hitler reacts

Also known as Hitler Rants or Hitler's 'Downfall', this meme is based on a scene from Der Untergang (2004) - a German world war II film showing Hitler's last days in his bunker.

In the scene, Hitler finds out that his final counter-offensive against the Soviets has failed, and he's losing the war. The scene show Hitler yelling, screaming and berating his top generals.

If you're familiar with the meme, but you actually don't know what Hitler is really saying, take a look at the original scene.

The meme started way back in 2006 when someone added Spanish subtitles to the clip, with Hitler complaining about the lack of new features in Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X.

Since then, thousands of parodies have been made. By changing the subtitles on Hitler's meltdown, video creators get to play screenwriter and director, building the tension and telling their story.

There's a YouTube channel dedicated to collecting these parodies - and it has over 34 million video views. Parodies have been made in many languages including Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.

It seems a new Hitler Rants video rears it's head every time something topical happens. Here's how he reacts to twitter going down:

Here's Hitler's reaction to the fact that the iPad can't multitask:

And here's how he takes the news of Michael Jackson's death:

How does the director of the film feel about the viral videos? He loves them!
On January 15th, 2010, New York Magazine’s entertainment blog interviewed Hirschbiegel, the director, asking his opinion of how the scene has been used online:
"Someone sends me the links every time there’s a new one… I think I’ve seen about 145 of them! Of course, I have to put the sound down when I watch. Many times the lines are so funny, I laugh out loud, and I’m laughing about the scene that I staged myself!"

Don't lose your job
Of course, using the Hitler parody video could be a career-limiting move for some. Take for example Scottish Labour party Member of Parliament Tom Harris. Harris thought it would be a good idea to  upload a Downfall parody to his personal YouTube channel criticizing Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond. But by comparing his rival to Hitler, he created an uproar - and eventually was forced to resign. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shoop da Whoop

Here’s another meme (like Over 9000) that started with a Dragonball Z character - Cell is one of the main villains in Dragonball Z (specifically 'Imperfect Cell').

Someone on 4chan’s /b/ board used the very basic paint program, MS Paint, to alter Cell’s face into what is now known as Shoop da Whoop.

Cell's face has been blacked out and big eyes and red lips have been painted in amateurishly. A picture of ‘Shoop’ is usually accompanied by a phrase like 'IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER’

But Shoop da Whoop has a dark side – apparently, the Shoop da Whoop character was intended as a parody of early comics and thetre shows that featured black people in a stereotypical way, with bright red lips and very dark faces. (Like the 'Blackface' theatre characters seen on the American stage in the 1830's.) Even the ‘Shoop da Whoop’ wording and the phrases ‘IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER’ or ‘FIRIN’ MAH LAZER’ are meant to imply a typical African-American Southern drawl. The 'Imperfect' Cell character and another Dragon Ball Z character called Mr. Popo both caused some controversy for their resemblance to 'Blackface characters.

Pictures of the Shoop character generally appear in succession. Shoop usually starts by charging his laser, then shooting it out his mouth, then swallowing it.

Since the meme's introduction, numerous spinoff images have also been created, featuring various characters painted with the Shoop face. Check out many YouTube videos featuring Shoop.

Here's a YouTube video, featuring the 'Firing my laser' phenomenon.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The US Elections as a World of Warcraft campaign

McCain: [talking to his Campaign advisers] OK guys, this Obama character has given us a lot of trouble in the past, so here’s what we’ll do:

I'll run in, and use Intimidating Shout, to kinda get everyone’s attention. Then I’ll try a couple of Mocking Blows and a Demoralizing Shout. That should do it.

I’m hoping for some Divine Intervention, because if we can’t bring these guys in quick we'll be in trouble. Uhh, I think this is a pretty good plan, we should be able to pull it off this time. Uhh, what do you think Weaver? Can you give me a number crunch real quick?

Weaver: Yeah gimme a sec... I'm coming up with sixty-two point six six uh, repeating of course, percentage, of winning.

McCain: Well, that’s great. Uhh, alright, you think we're ready guys? [interrupted]

: Alright, chums, let's do this... SAAAARRRRRRRRRAAHHHH PAAALLLLLLLLLLLIIIINNN! [runs into room full of press]

-Short pause-

: ... Oh my God she just ran in.

: Oh jeez, who knows what she’s going to say. Stick to the plan guys. Stick to the plan!

: I can see Russia from my house!

: What the—what the hell?

: Bail out? Health care reform! Tax payers... Job creation!

: Shut up – backfire has been cast; you’re just hurting yourself!

: We got em, we got em! I got it, I got it. I'm going to be VP - I own this place!

: Shut her up! Someone!

: Goddamnit Sarah! Goddamn it...

[Various others]
: Yeah, Sarah you moron, Sarah!

: Listen, this is ridiculous.

: You dumbass.

: I'm down, McCain down. I’m down 5 points Goddamnit. Why do you do this shit, Sarah?

[crying]: It's not my fault!

: Oh for - Great job! Sarah, you are just stupid as hell.

: At least I have a new $150 000 wardrobe.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cakes: no lie

Previously I blogged about a Rickroll cake that was hidden beneath a 'cake that was a lie'...

Well, here’s yet another Rickroll cake.

It’s not too surprising though. It seems that the Internet memes and in-jokes have long been the inspiration for some fantastic cake ideas. It all goes to show, if it exists, there is cake of it.

Check out some of these geeky masterpieces:

The perfect Portal cake, baked using the recipe found hidden in the Portal game. (Instructions via instructables)

The AYBABTU cake from Flickr

The Mudkip cake made by Clever Cake Studio. Here's another.

The Domo cake found on Deviant Art and instructions on how to make your own.

 The Dramatic Hamster/Prairie Dog cake (via Flickr)

 The Lolrus cake... made of fish!

Two 1337 cakes

Pirates vs Ninja cake from Scienceblogs

The Chuck Norris cake

The Hypnotoad inspired Hypnocake.

And here's a bonus: a FAIL cake - they asked for it to read "Best Wishes Suzanne" and underneath that, "We will miss you".

For more Internet-inspired cakes, see Gizmodo’s cake gallery and this geekcake blog.

And while we’re on the subject of baked goods, here’s a Pi Pie.