Monday, May 12, 2008


Pirates are cool.

They are so cool in fact that they have become an Internet phenomenon in their own right.

Q: Why are Pirates called Pirates?
A: Because they Arrrrrrr!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day (celebrated on the 19th of September) is the day to "let out their inner pirate". The day has been gaining popularity through the Internet since its founders set up a website, which instructs visitors in "pirate slang."

Check out this Flickr page to see some crazy people dressed up to celebrate the holiday.

According to Uncyclopedia, a pirate’s main priorities are:

1. Rum (but none of that Light, Clear Bacardi stuff)

2. Lots of booty (of both the "gold" and "female" varieties)

3. Whiskey

4. Poor Hygiene

5. Beer

But if there’s one thing a pirate can’t stand… it’s a ninja.


Anonymous said...

This post will never be as good as the Ninja post. I'm glad to see that Vikings never even entered the discussion becuase they fail too.

boyphilboy said...

damn thats my burfday... I'm a pirate.