Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Rick Astley... British singer/songwriter, boyish looks, cheesy songs... who ever would have thought that one of his hits 'Never gonna give you up' would spark and Internet phenomenon?

The campy music video for this song became the basis for an phenomenon known as "rickrolling".

The joke originated on internet message boards like 4chan. People would post a link on the message board, claiming it is relevant to the topic at hand - but it actually takes the reader to the Rick Astley video.

The phenomenon spread to spread rapidly onto other message boards and onto email. Emails with a promising-looking link (like 'Check out these hot babes at the topless carwash') would actually lead to the Rick Astley video, with the taunt 'You've been Rickrolled'

Click here to be 'Rickroll'd'

And now the follow-up phenomenon: Click here to be 'Flick Rolled'