Monday, March 3, 2008

Top Secrets

It started as a work of art and it’s now one of the top blogs on the Internet.

Postsecret is “a community arts project” that invites everyone and anyone to submit a secret to the site.

It’s a beautifully simple idea: make a handmade postcard with your secret on it, and mail it to Postsecret. Every Sunday, new postcards are published on the site.

Secrets range from whimsical one-liners to private hopes and dreams to serious admissions of guilt.
PostSecret is not a business.

Frank Warren, the creator of the site forgoes profit on what is the largest advertisement-free site on the web. Frank does compile the secrets he collects into books, which are published and sold.

In 2005, the band “The All-American Rejects’ used Postsecret cards in their music video for their hit ‘Dirty Little Secret’.

The Postsecret site has remained within the top 10 blogs on the internet for years. Frank Warren has now started a French and German Postsecret.

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Zed said...

Love this site, visit it every Monday Morning when I get into work