Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Techno Viking

Practically a real life superhero, the Techo Viking is strong, bold and mysterious.

This video was captured at the F**k Parade in Berlin. This techno parade through the streets is actually a protest march, demonstrating against the Love parade... but that’s another story.

As ravers dance down the streets, a video was taken of the 'Techo Viking' coming to the rescue of a girl who is accosted by a passerby.
The video has been remixed with different soundtracks including Michael Jackson’s 'Beat it'.

My opinion - you can't help but find this guy interesting, good to watch


bint alshamsa said...

I think I must have watched this video a half a dozen times when I first saw it. I wonder what he's up to nowadays. I hope he's still groovin'!

Kirsten said...

ha ha!
According to someone who replied to this post, he appeared on German TV recently - apparently he's a bouncer (not a big surprise!) He's still quite an internet celeb, it seems!