Thursday, March 6, 2008

Leeeeroy Jeeenkins

Leeroy Jenkins is the name of the World of Warcraft character of Ben Schultz. He became famous after the release of a video clip featuring Leeroy and his Clan preparing for a raid on the Rookery room in Upper Blackrock Spire.

The video shows the players strategising before the
battle, using audio teleconferencing. They meticulously plan and strategise, even calculating their chances of survival. But all the while, Leeroy Jenkins (Ben Schulz) is away from his computer, apparently making himself some chicken.

When he returns, he unexpectedly charges into the Rookery, yelling, "Alright, time's up, let's do this! LEEROOOOY JENKINS!"

The rest of the group stands around shocked for a second, then decide they have to follow him into battle. They try to hastily execute the plan, but it’s no use – soon they are all killed. They hurl insults at Leeroy… to which he responds "At least I have chicken."

The video clip is a form of 'machinima' an emerging kind of filmmaking in which movies are created entirely inside video games. The video was initially released on the World of Warcraft forums, but you can now find Leeroy Jenkins references all over. Within WOW, there are very few people who don’t know about Leeroy Jenkins, and his fame has spread amoungst non-gamers as well.

A Jeopardy episode features a question relating to Leeroy Jenkins. Blizzard Entertainment made a trading game card featuring Leeroy. Toyota Tacoma made a TV ad parody of the Leeroy Jenkins incident and an advert for the Video Game Awards spoofed Leeroy Jenkins in a lift and business meeting. There are also numerous Leeroy-inspired works all over the Internet. Leeroy even had a stalker for a while. A character named "Leeroy's Apprentice" wanted to hang out with Leeroy in the game and followed him everywhere.

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My opinion - this guy is legend


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