Thursday, April 10, 2008

That Damn Dancing Baby

The dancing baby (also known as “baby cha-cha”) was one of the first Internet memes, originating in 1996. The dancing baby was originally a demo animation for the 3D modelling animation package 3D Studio Max.

The baby dances to music and appeared frequently on the television programme Ally McBeal - symbolising her ticking biological clock. It sometimes dances to the intro of Blue Swede's cover of the song "Hooked on a Feeling (Ooga Chaka).” Ironically, this same song was also covered by David Hasselhoff, another internet meme.

Several edited versions and parodies of the animation were created, including a drunken baby and a Rasta Baby. A parody of the dancing baby appeared on The Simpsons and in the sitcoms Unhappily Ever After and 3rd Rock from the Sun.

My opinion - kinda freaky

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