Monday, October 20, 2008

Cakes: no lie

Previously I blogged about a Rickroll cake that was hidden beneath a 'cake that was a lie'...

Well, here’s yet another Rickroll cake.

It’s not too surprising though. It seems that the Internet memes and in-jokes have long been the inspiration for some fantastic cake ideas. It all goes to show, if it exists, there is cake of it.

Check out some of these geeky masterpieces:

The perfect Portal cake, baked using the recipe found hidden in the Portal game. (Instructions via instructables)

The AYBABTU cake from Flickr

The Mudkip cake made by Clever Cake Studio. Here's another.

The Domo cake found on Deviant Art and instructions on how to make your own.

 The Dramatic Hamster/Prairie Dog cake (via Flickr)

 The Lolrus cake... made of fish!

Two 1337 cakes

Pirates vs Ninja cake from Scienceblogs

The Chuck Norris cake

The Hypnotoad inspired Hypnocake.

And here's a bonus: a FAIL cake - they asked for it to read "Best Wishes Suzanne" and underneath that, "We will miss you".

For more Internet-inspired cakes, see Gizmodo’s cake gallery and this geekcake blog.

And while we’re on the subject of baked goods, here’s a Pi Pie.


Marisue said...

Great pics I liked this - Marisue

. said...

I'm totally making that rainbow cake.

Babelglyph said...

My own favorite rickroll cake.

And next weekend, I'm baking a hypnocake... |3

Tamara said...

The hypno cake is terrifying! Once again, I wish I knew people that would 'get' any of these!

petrolian said...

How is it that nobody noticed that pi on the pi cake is wrong? It starts with 3.14129.