Friday, April 18, 2008

Chocolate Rain

Hypnotic, catchy and memorizing are just some of the words used to describe ‘Chocolate Rain’, a song written and performed by 25 year old Tay Zonday.

Tay posted this song he wrote on YouTube in April 2007 – the song became very popular, and has been watched over 15 million times.

‘Chocolate Rain’ is perhaps so famous because of Tay Zonday’s surprisingly deep voice, or his strange mannerisms while singing. But like many other Internet Phenomenon, Chocolate Rain more than likely initially gained momentum because it spread as a joke on

‘Chocolate Rain’ is the subject of numerous parodies, tributes, remixes and covers on the Internet. Major musical artists, such as singer John Mayer and Green Day drummer Tré Cool have spoofed the song, along with many others.

Some of my favorite spoofs include this one, by Chad Vader (that’s Darth Vader’s younger brother and grocery store manager) and of course, Dramatic Chipmunk.

And now – the remix!

Tay got together with the guys from Dr Pepper to make a remix version of his song – ‘Cherry Chocolate Rain’ to promote Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper. T-A-Y to the Z almost looks at home in the music video featuring bright lights and scantily clad girls. The video also guest stars rapper Mista Johnson.

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