Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Remember these? A list of memes and in-jokes.

Here's a list of the internet phenomenon covered thus far. How many of these memes do you remember? How many made you laugh, and how many drove you crazy?

1. LOLcats
3. Stuff on my cat
4. The cake is a lie
5. Fail
6. The Hampster Dance
7. I love horses
8. Rickrolling
9. Demotivational Posters
10. Numa Numa
11. Chuck Norris
12. The Hoff
13. Post Secret
14. A Series of Tubes
15. Leeeroy Jeenkins
16. Tourist Guy
17. Dramatic Hamster
18. Techno Viking
19. The Dancing Baby
20. Badger Badger Badger
21. Chocolate Rain
22. Over 9000!
23. Pirates
24. Ninjas
25. Ninjas vs Pirates
26. McCain Old Jokes
27. Peanut Butter Jelly Time
28. Do not want!
29. The Star Wars kid
30. In Soviet Russia
31. Crazy Frog
32. L33t
33. I'm in your base...
34. Lolrus
35. The Internets


Captain Falcon said...

Would be nice if you can put in memes that only certain boards used, like 'Listen to My Song' from /m/ etc...

Nice blog to have read regardless. Feel enlightened especially The Hoff part LOL

Popcorn said...

What about... Bert is evil? Goatsie?

Tamara said...

Argh! Your blog, I have figured out, only let's me enter from a new window, which is why it hasn't been working when I click on your link in my blogroll.

It's been too long! My fave is still LOLcats. Although post secret is also awesome. I sometimes get Badger Badger Badger randomly stuck in my head. Maddenly - and it's all your fault!

Anonymous said...

Where's "All your base are belong to us"? C'mon, a blog about Internet memes really shouldn't miss THAT one...

Kit said...

Hey Anon,
Al your base are belong to us is there! It's just abbreviated to AYBABTU... it was the 3rd meme I did, i think - I agree, you can't miss that one!!

Hey T, sorry about my blog. I'll look into it.
Captain Falcon, I'll have to look into some /m/ memes.