Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Lets face it; Garfield comics can be decidedly unfunny a lot of the time. Personally, Garfield was ruined for me as a kid when I saw the TV shows where they gave Garfield a voice – he just shouldn’t sound like that! But I digress – Garfield comics – not really funny. But with a little help from the Internets, we can change all that. Introducing the Garfield meme!

By Photoshopping or rearranging Garfield comics in different ways, a new meme was born.

Here are just a few of the different ways Garfield comics have been changed:

First – the Garfield Randomiser.
This website lets you randomly rearrange Garfield comic strips – often with great results.

Then, put new words in their mouth

By changing the words in the speech bubbles, the comics take on a whole new meaning.

Then there’s ‘crazy-eyes’ technique
By simply changing Garfield and Jon’s eyes in Photoshop, the comic strip tells a different story. The basic idea is that whenever Jon says something stupid, Garfield makes crazy-eyes – which causes Jon to go all crazy-eyed - which shuts him up!

Replace Garfield with a real-looking cat and see the results:

Make Jon seem crazy
Someone figured out that if you simply take out Garfield’s thoughts the cartoons suddenly seem a lot funnier – Jon plays the role of crazy man who talks to his cat far too much.

Then some real genius realised that if you take out Garfield altogether, and it’s even funnier!

Check out this blog dedicated to Garfield – minus Garfield! 

It turns out that Jim Davis, Garfield’s original creator, reads Garfield Minus Garfield and enjoys it.

Taking it too far
Removing all the characters... one step too far.


Tamara said...

Lol. That's classic. Especially that Jim Davis likes his own cartoons without his main character.

Anonymous said...

And also: